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Every child has the right to education, investing in child's education brings brighter future for the child’s family and community since this child has turned into a good citizen not a problem to the community whereby he/she would have been a thief/threat when is not employed simply because he/she did not acquire education for the future.

Educated children make informed decisions about their maternal health, delay motherhood, raise fewer and healthier children and will make sure they receive a quality education. The result: wealthier families and communities.

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We do introduce to you the above program which is one of our  most objectives of increasing enrollment and supporting orphans/vulnerable children in schools by providing them with quality  educational basic, child rights, nutritional and medical support. Currently, the program supports 75 needy children i.e. 40 girls and 35 boys. There are more vulnerable children who need the help most and we have confidence that with your help too these children can reach un expected heights in the future and be able to sustain themselves and their families.


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We welcome volunteers to come and work with us in transforming the marginalized communities in Uganda.The organization recruits both short term and long term volunteers. Volunteers are vital because they share and exchange knowledge and development ideas on a wide range of development issues. The volunteers we recruit should have interest or knowledge in any of the organization’s thematic activities so he/she utilizes the time allocated with maximum opportunities.

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Legal offices of CCEDUC and the registered offices of the Organisation is located at:


Odropi Village Charanga Ward

Yumbe Town Council Yumbe district

Northern Uganda

1KM from Yumbe Police Station

along Yumbe Koboko Road

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phone: +256784026962

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have any question or share a concerns and thoughts, please feel free to contact us at: