To alleviate the causes of poverty and to help communities to strive for sustainable and better life through mental and physical support in education, skills and recovery development programs. We encourage people to be free to live and to act according to their conscience, with dignity, value, equality and worth for all people.

Our goal is to provide a safe and peaceful environment where peoples’ rights are respected, communities are informed and empowered to take control of their lives and to work together for their development.


  • For the Children: We provide care and protection to orphans and disadvantaged children including access to primary level education, nutritional support, access to health services, play therapy and sports. 

  • For the Women: We empower women and girls for their rights, economic empowerment, and in the fight against discrimination through politicization e.g. training and microloans to set up income generating projects (e.g. in farming, tailoring, entrepreneurship, poultry keeping, ITC skills).

  • For the Broader community: 

  1. We train and support the communities in the fight against communicable diseases (notably Malaria, HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis B) through advocacy, prevention, support and care, home-based care, trainings, counseling aids and peer-education and information dissemination

  2. Environmental conservation initiatives e.g. tree planting energy saver stoves  and food security.

  3. Advocacy: to address any emerging local and global issues of concern, promoting respect for human rights among community members, especially rights of children, women, disabled persons, youths and marginalized groups in the society.