CCEDUC with TCP Global Funds are in partnership to empower women groups with easy micro loans which started in May 2020 and has grown with  150 vulnerable women in Yumbe District North Western part of Uganda doing small business  mainly in food items. Since the project started, more women are succeding in the creation of their small businesses, they feel empowerd and motivated. 
Women are also empowered in skill development in tailoring and Agro skills.


My name is Chandiru Emily

from the Ama Ichora women group.


I got 1,000,000 from TCP Global through CCEDUC in May 2020, to increase my drug shop business.


In  one month  I got  a profit of 300,000  and used 5000 UGX daily  to feed my 4 children .Then  I took 120,000 to start my small project of keeping  8 Ducks  which I bought in the second of June, I continue to register  success  in this project. Currently I have a total of 19 ducks, I am very happy and  thankful to TCP Global and CCEDUC, to improve my life and my children. My next plan is to fence  the place properly to protect them if funds allow, and hope to earn a lot of money by next  year 2021.

I pray for the continuous support to expand my project and to help other vulnerable women in the area to benefit from TCP Global Micro loan too.

BAKO AFISHA - Ariguyi women group


Thank you CCEDUC  Child development for saving my business, also I extend my greetings and thanks to TCP Global.

The loan I got has really improved my business and I have now daily savings of 3000 UGX and the business is growing on a daily basis. I can now support my children. 


I am from Ariguyi women group selling food items I got 150,000 UGX from TCP Global through CCEDUC.

I  used to sell Bananas on mobile because of the loan from TCP Global, got enough stock of food items in the main market with now daily income of 20,000 and I save daily 3000 which I can now use  to feed my children.
The only challenge is the Corona virus pandemic which has affected the transport cost.




I am from Ama Ichora Women group, I am very happy for the support from TCP Global, through CCEDUC Child development to loan my business.

I started my business with Ugandan shillings 300,000 and received Ugandan shillings 600,000 from TCP Global fund  to increase my business.

This has now increased my saving base from 10,000 to 20,000 weekly.

Now I can save 3,500 UGX to support my family.