About us

“We owe our children – the most vulnerable citizens in any society – a life free from violence and fear”

Nelson Mandela

Care Community Education Centre (CCEDUC) is a Local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Reg. No. S.5914/10222 based in the hard-to-reach Yumbe district located in the West Nile region of North-West Uganda. Its roots can be traced to 2010, as the index grassroots organization in Yumbe established to support efforts against child abuse and violence against women in the post conflict rural communities of Yumbe.

CCEDUC has since then grown to a formally established Community Based Organisation (Reg. No. YTC/000310) in Uganda, expanding our scope of work and pursuits in the district and region over the years. 

Emerging needs within our community (e.g. the influx & resettlement of persons displaced by war) have over the years shaped our cause and work to contribute to the mitigation of gaps related to access to quality primary education, community health (e.g. malaria control, ‘elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV’ (eMTCT), food security and environmental conservation in Yumbe and beyond. Central to this work, and our mission, remains the needs of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), and the vulnerable, marginalized women within whose care they thrive. Today, over 2000 children and women have benefitted from our work, but the gaps we seek to address continue to prevail. Key to our work as well is the collaboration and support of local government leadership and other developmental partners/organizations. 

CCEDUC is a welcoming family & community that does not condone discrimination by sex, tribe, religion, political orientation, race or colour.